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Andy is an IT executive with experience in the online industry working in the UK, Australia and Asia. He's currently CIO at iProperty Group - an ASX listed operator of property portals in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

I’ve recently finished reading “Reinventing Organizations” by Frederic Laloux. I was inspired to read it after attending a talk by Michael Spayd and Michael Hamman on creating an agile enterprise. They used Laloux’s work as a foundation for their talk. … Continue reading

I often find myself talking to experienced and new managers about things I’ve read or heard. Of course I can never remember everything so this post aims to capture some of my “go-to” resources about management and leadership. This list … Continue reading

I was involved in a Twitter conversation recently about the value of testers in a software delivery team and the kinds of skills we expect of testers. It got me thinking about how I learned to appreciate and value skills … Continue reading

One of the teams that I’m working with came up with a great way of managing their technical debt backlog. The developers are split across five or six cross-functional teams (named after Game of Thrones families, but that’s another story). … Continue reading

Monday, 9am: the first participants drift into the room clasping their smart devices and coffees. 9:05am: The meeting gets going with the weekly roundtable updates. 9:10am: The first surreptitious glances at devices half-hidden under the table. 9:15am: The last of … Continue reading

Here’s the text of an email I sent to my colleagues this morning. What are you doing to celebrate World No Resources Day? Today is World No Resources Day. What does that mean? It’s a prompt to stop and think … Continue reading

This week, Greythorn released the results of their survey on IT hiring in Australia. They concluded that “CIOs are increasingly hiring new IT staff based in their ability to learn new skills.” This move away from box-ticking, if true, is … Continue reading

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend a day in the company of many inspiring engineering leaders at the Melbourne leg of the CTO Summit Series. One of the speakers was Paul Hughes from Flexera who opened his talk with … Continue reading

A couple of things this week have got me thinking about public speaking. Firstly, I have been confirmed as one of the speakers for the Melbourne CTO Summit in December. Secondly, I was asked to help review submissions for one … Continue reading

Almost exactly five years ago I wrote a blog post about the power of the office environment which related to some of my experiences working at the REA Group offices with a team transitioning from traditional ways of working to … Continue reading