A people leader
who teams respect and admire

“He is highly respected by his peers, direct reports and the executive team, if you get the chance to work with him you’ll understand why.”

“Andy is a great manager who always provided me with the necessary guidance and support to navigate through difficult situations and to evolve our agile delivery practices.”

“He is one of the best managers I’ve ever had.”

“An intelligent, courageous and empathetic leader taking bold and thoughtful moves to transform the technology department”

A first rate technologist
with a business brain

“Andy is a rare C-level executive who can see the needs of business from a high level perspective and can dive deep into technical details of a project.”

“Andy’s exceptional breadth of technical knowledge and managerial skills are a great asset to any organization.”

“Andy is smart, talented, and continually exceeds expectations in both technical and management areas.”

“He is a very good operator who has the ability to work in complex environments.”

A visionary
who sets the standard

“Andy’s a strategic thinker that balances business and technology and a leader who empowers development and growth of his team members.”

“A willing mentor, Andy was a great leader who ensured that each of us had a clear vision of what needed to be done in order to forge ahead as a team.”

“Andy is a rarity. He is a brilliant technical developer, great fun and a leader that people truly look up to.”