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After two months, I feel that the time is right to talk a bit about SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and what it means to me and to my team. Two days after I started in my role I was thrown … Continue reading

This is a paraphrashing of a talk I gave at Agile Singapore 2013 on the subject of DevOps and the Cloud and how they can improve agility in software development. Lean and Agile are all about shortening feedback loops – … Continue reading

The biggest Agile event in South East Asia is only about 6 weeks away. If you’ve not already bought your ticket, you’ve got until the 6th October to enjoy the early bird rate. This will really be an event not … Continue reading

We’re now settling into a two-monthly rhythm for the Agile Malaysia meetups thanks to the hard work and perseverance of Jeff Au and Colin Pal. This edition was hosted at MYOB in Bangsar South and attracted a decent sized crowd … Continue reading

If you’re in Malaysia and interested in Agile software development I can recommend that you get to Melaka on the 19th November for Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s Agile Symposium. I’ll be there to speak about Agile development tools and cloud computing … Continue reading

Thursday saw the latest instalment in the Agile Malaysia journey. After an extended hiatus, we got together at the MYOB office courtesy of Jeff Au. We had a good turnout with a mix of folk from MYOB, iProperty, Experian, GrassValley and more. … Continue reading

You might have read this answer to the question “Why are software development task estimations regularly off by a factor of 2-3?” by Michael Wolfe on Quora; if not, go ahead and read it now. It’s a great analogy and … Continue reading

Behaviour Driven Development from Andy Kelk Behaviour Driven Development – Presentation Transcript Test Driven Development Domain Driven Design Behaviour Driven Development What is BDD? Why natural language? How does it deliver business value? Integrates with TDD: BDD in action: Cucumber … Continue reading

When we started transitioning to Agile, we were lucky to have support from senior management as well as coaching from external consultants. Part of the deal was that we dived fully into XP including TDD, BDD and pair programming. One of … Continue reading

Look around any office and you’ll see that people love to personalise their space. Like any other office, we have our fair share of personal effects – family photos, fishtanks, novelty items, printouts of webcomics, funny signs (although we’ve stopped … Continue reading