Andy Kelk

Showcasing new technology

We’re doing a lot of work at the moment on our technology stack at iProperty. Having grown up over many years and through various acquisitions, we have a number of different platforms that we support and which power our sites and tools. In order to survive and thrive in the market we know that it’s vital to invest in our technology and build a platform for the future.

One of our teams is has been tasked with taking content from across our region and consolidating it into a cross-country platform that will enable us to deliver better products to one of our customer segments. They’re not just re-building the same products, they’re also significantly enhancing the user experience and using modern technologies to do so.

For example, one of the back-office systems they’re developing is making use of Bootstrap and AngularJS and it’s completely unlike any internal system that we’ve delivered before. It looks beautiful, it loads really quickly and it delivers an experience that is pleasant to use and intuitive. By using Angular, they have been able to build a single-page application that works like a desktop app in the browser.

All of our teams put a lot of effort into researching and choosing the right technologies to do the job and they also take the time to showcase those technologies to the rest of the team and share their knowledge. Just today, Terry gave a quick 30 minute run through of AngularJS to the IT team and demonstrated how to build a data application using JavaScript and HTML.


Not having had the chance to get hands on with Angular myself, I found it really interesting and it has made me keen to have a go myself. I think it was also an eye-opening experience to the rest of the team and something which they’ll be interested to explore more.

It’s always great to see new technology being followed and used within our team – we’re really lucky to have a group of people who love to learn and develop their skills at the same time as delivering their work.

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