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This is a paraphrasing of a talk I gave at FFS Conf Down Under in February 2019. This is about language; and when you talk about language, it’s compulsory in a talk like that to flash up a dictionary definition … Continue reading

This week I held an offsite for my engineering leadership team. My two aims were to do some formation activities as we have a few new faces in the team and to come away with a plan of what we … Continue reading

As sometimes happens, I wanted to answer a question on Twitter but couldn’t do it justice in 140 characters. The question was this: @andykelk @auxesis @andrewjhumphrey @nxdnz @setoide Do u have people who report to u? How do u keep … Continue reading

This is a paraphrasing of a talk given at the 2015 CTO Summits in Melbourne and Sydney. Think about the last day you spent at work. What did you learn? We usually reflect on what we achieved, what we completed, what … Continue reading

Coming up soon are this year’s Sydney and Melbourne CTO Summits presented by Yow and Wheelhouse. My topic is on “Building a learning culture on a budget” – something I’m very passionate about. If you’re in either city and want … Continue reading

This is a paraphrasing of my talk from Ignite Sydney. The five minute format means this is necessarily lacking in detail!   Are you happy at work? Statistically speaking, the chances are that you’re not. In countless surveys, the number … Continue reading

I’ve recently finished reading “Reinventing Organizations” by Frederic Laloux. I was inspired to read it after attending a talk by Michael Spayd and Michael Hamman on creating an agile enterprise. They used Laloux’s work as a foundation for their talk. … Continue reading

I often find myself talking to experienced and new managers about things I’ve read or heard. Of course I can never remember everything so this post aims to capture some of my “go-to” resources about management and leadership. This list … Continue reading

Monday, 9am: the first participants drift into the room clasping their smart devices and coffees. 9:05am: The meeting gets going with the weekly roundtable updates. 9:10am: The first surreptitious glances at devices half-hidden under the table. 9:15am: The last of … Continue reading

This week, Greythorn released the results of their survey on IT hiring in Australia. They concluded that “CIOs are increasingly hiring new IT staff based in their ability to learn new skills.” This move away from box-ticking, if true, is … Continue reading