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Andy is an IT executive with experience in the online industry working in the UK, Australia and Asia. He's currently CIO at iProperty Group - an ASX listed operator of property portals in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Having a culture of collaboration where people feel safe to share their views and work across a diverse group is a must for a successful organisation. Every year, the State of DevOps report includes the results of a survey which … Continue reading

I’ve recently retweeted a few tweets which weren’t exactly complimentary about Jira. For example: Plenty of good things happened at work today. And then I heard we start using Jira. — Henri Karhatsu (@karhatsu) December 16, 2015 Very glad prominent … Continue reading

Reading this article recently, an interesting theory about coffee was raised: The time of day people drink their coffee varies with Sydney waking up with their coffee, buying their first at 8am while Melbourne warms up to the idea, with … Continue reading

This is a paraphrasing of a talk given at the 2015 CTO Summits in Melbourne and Sydney. Think about the last day you spent at work. What did you learn? We usually reflect on what we achieved, what we completed, what … Continue reading

Coming up soon are this year’s Sydney and Melbourne CTO Summits presented by Yow and Wheelhouse. My topic is on “Building a learning culture on a budget” – something I’m very passionate about. If you’re in either city and want … Continue reading

This is a paraphrasing of a lightning talk I gave at our internal DevOps conference on Blameless Postmortems. Due to the nature of the format, it’s necessarily just a brief introduction to the topic. Let’s talk about failure. It’s not … Continue reading

This is a paraphrasing of my talk from Ignite Sydney. The five minute format means this is necessarily lacking in detail!   Are you happy at work? Statistically speaking, the chances are that you’re not. In countless surveys, the number … Continue reading

This post is a paraphrasing of a talk I gave at the Sydney PHP group. First up, let’s talk about architectures that rely on services. Whether you call them SOA or you’ve jumped feet first into Microservices, there’s common challenges … Continue reading

This post was inspired by a discussion with a colleague about one of my first proper programming jobs which I started 14 years ago this month. Back then, the tech world was reeling from the bursting of the Dot-com bubble which … Continue reading

We’ve recently finished the inaugural DevFoundry event with the technology teams at News Corp Australia. While we do many product-focused NewsFoundry events which result in new products, we also wanted to throw the challenge to our tech staff to see … Continue reading